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"Know The Rules" Question of the Month


What is the Penalty, if any? 

A ball is inside the edge of the bunker and rests on bare ground where sand would normally. The player takes two practice swings, both hitting sand in the process.

A: No penalty because the ball wasn’t on sand
B: One penalty stroke
C: Two penalty strokes
D: Four penalty strokes





Correct Answer

C: Two Penalty Strokes

Even though the ball wasn't on sand, it was considered to be in the bunker (Rule 12.1 - A ball is in a bunker when any part of the ball is inside the edge of a bunker and rests on ground where sand would normally be). 

The player would receive 2 stroke penalty under Rule 12.2b (Restrictions of Touching Sand in Bunker). The player would not receive 4 penalty strokes because of Interpretation 1.3c(4)/2 - Multiple Breaches from a Single Act Results in Single Penalty.


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