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What is the Penalty, if any?

Player A’s tee shot comes to rest in the fairway. As Player A proceeds toward the ball, Player B accidentally drives his cart over Player A’s ball lying in the fairway, pressing the ball down into the turf. Player A measures a one club-length relief area from a reference point right behind the ball and drops the ball in the fairway about 3 feet behind where the original ball lay in taking relief for an embedded ball. 
Player A plays the ball. 

A: One-Stroke Penalty
B: Two-Stroke Penalty
C: No Penalty

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Correct Answer

A. Two-stroke penalty

Player A’s ball was moved by an outside influence and the lie was altered. The ball was not embedded; Rule 16.3 did not apply. 
Player A should have replaced the original ball by placing the ball on the nearest spot with the most similar lie not nearer the hole within one club-length from its original spot, in the general area. 
Player A gets a two-stroke penalty for playing from the wrong place. See Rule 9.6 and Rule 14.2d(2).


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