NYSGA Championship Membership Requirements

To compete in an NYSGA Championship, an entrant must be a member of the NYSGA, and meet any additional eligibility requirements established in the Championship's entry. The NYSGA defines its membership as:

  1. Holding an active USGA GHIN Handicap Index at any NYSGA member club (NYS residency required).
  2. Being an active golfing and dues-paying member of an NYSGA member club with full playing privileges (NYS residency not required). Membership to type II golf clubs (which includes eClubs) does not meet this requirement.

A non-resident cannot join an NYSGA member club for the purpose of playing in an NYSGA championship.

New York State Residency Defined

A "NYS Resident" is a person who maintains their legal place of residence in the state of New York. To establish residency for the purpose of NYSGA eligibility, an applicant must meet one of the following criteria in subsections 1-4:

  1. Is a person who meets one of the following criteria: (1) holds a New York Driver's License, (2) files their Federal Tax Return with a New York home address, or (3) is registered to vote in New York; or
  2. Is a student who physically attended a high school or college in New York at any time during the four months before the date of the entry deadline; or
  3. Is a student who graduated from a New York high school who attends an out-of-state college, but remains a legal dependent of a parent or guardian who meets the New York residency requirement; or
  4. Is a member of the military who is based in New York on active duty as of the date of the entry deadline.

The NYSGA reserves the right to make decisions about tournament eligibility, including the application of the criteria defining player eligibility, in its reasonable judgement.

Spectator/Handicap Cart Policy

The NYSGA will provide reasonable accommodations to tournament spectators possessing an ADA covered disability. To be considered, please complete the NYSGA Golf Cart Request Form at least five (5) business days prior to the tournament. Otherwise, spectator carts at NYSGA competitions are prohibited.

Important Policies (PDF).