The NYSGA Foundation's Membership Program raises money from club members and individuals to fund scholarships for NYSGA member club employees. The purpose of the program is to support deserving students while also helping our club's facilities attract and retain employees.

Participating Clubs

Participating clubs partner the NYSGA Foundation to raise money from their members to support scholarships for their club's employees. NYSGAF staff manage the entire process, minimizing the impact on club management staff.

If your club is interested in partnering with the NYSGA, please email


Individuals contributors make a considerable impact with 100% of their donations supporting scholarships. Please consider donating by joining the NYSGAF Scholarship Patron Program.


Eligible students must be in their second season of employment with an NYSGA member club, should demonstrate strong academic success and require financial assistance. Once awarded, an NYSGA Scholarship may be renewed each year for a total of four years. Annual grants will maintain each year depending upon academic standards and the continued need for financial aid.

Over $30,000 Support in 2023

When you see a student at your club working hard, think about contributing. We always need your help and we will appreciate it for years to come. This past year of 2023, we were able to award 24 scholarships totaling over $30,000 with funds raised from clubs and individuals.