The New York State Golf Association provides many benefits to its membership. Check out all the benefits that NYSGA members are eligible for below! 

USGA GHIN Handicap Index

All NYSGA members have the opportunity to acquire an active Handicap Index provided through the Association directly, or through your club. Whether competing in a NYSGA championship, a NYSGA Amateur Series tournament, or an event at your club, participants must have an active Handicap Index. The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to help even the playing field and make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling golfers of all abilities the chance to compete on an equal basis. 

The NYSGA uses GHIN, a service of the USGA, to provide handicap services to its members and member clubs. Handicaps are revised on the 1st and 15th of every month, while posting season is limited to seven months a year extending from April 15 to October 31. 



The NYSGA offers a few different opportunities to compete as an amateur against other golfers around the state each spring, summer and fall. Whether you're vying for a New York State Amateur Championship title, qualifying for a USGA championship or participating in one of our NYSGA Amateur Series (individual or team) tournaments, there's opportunity for golfers of all ages and abilities to play competitive amateur golf on premier venues around your area.

NYSGA Championships - The NYSGA administers 17 amateur state championships each year at many of prestigious clubs around the state. Our membership is invited to qualify, compete and enter these championships under the circumstance that you are eligible to play.

For a complete list of state championships, click here

NYSGA Amateur Series - The NYSGA Amateur Series is compiled of over thirty single-day individual stroke play handicapped tournaments (gross and net) held at member clubs around upstate New York each spring/summer. Players are broken down into divisions (Men's, Men's Senior, Women's) and then into flights based on the number of participants in a division and players' handicap indexes. Players have the chance to place within their division and/or flights, in either gross or net, and earn pro shop prizes as well as a chance to earn a spot at the season end championship. 

Check out our list of upcoming NYSGA Amateur Series tournaments by clicking here.

USGA Qualifiers - The NYSGA administers both local and sectional qualifiers for USGA championships.



eNewsletters - Bi-monthly Enewsletters are sent to our membership with the latest NYSGA news, tournament deadlines, history and more!

eRevisions - Bi-monthly handicap revision emails to all members utilizing a Handicap Index with an active email linked to their GHIN number. 

Rules of Golf - Each spring, the NYSGA offers free, introductory level Rules of Golf seminars to the golfing public. These presentations, which are taught by USGA certified Rules Officials, utilizes professionally produced interactive videos detailing common situations that players often encounter on the course. Instructors will also cover the proposed Rules changes in order to facilitate discussions and provide some clarification. Attendees will receive a copy of The Rules of Golf (2016-2018) and will be entered into a raffle to win Rules related items. Complimentary refreshments and pastries will be served. 

Additionally, the NYSGA serves as your primary resource for any questions on rulings, decisions, course marking, etc. 

Website - Up-to-date website with the latest NYSGA news, tournament results, handicap score posting, information on junior golf and more!



NYSGA Travel Benefits - The NYSGA's partnership with Affinity Travel offers exclusive member access to discounted hotel rates whether during a championship, golf trip, family vacation or weekend getaway. Learn more about Affinity Travel by clicking here

Free Mobile App - An easy, efficient way of posting scores throughout the season via your mobile phone or device. The app allows you to register for NYSGA tournaments, calculate course handicaps and view score posting history! 

NYSGA Foundation - The NYSGA Scholarship Fund's mission is to provide scholarships to students pursuing an undergraduate degree who are employed at or are a member of an NYSGA Member Club, or participate in NYSGA competitions. 

Along with the $30,000+ in scholarships given away to worthy individuals each year, the NYSGA consistently supports initiatives of the First Tee, Drive, Chip and Putt, and any other grassroot golf support organization that needs assistance.