Celebrating 100 years in 2023!

The New York State Golf Association was officially founded on August 9, 1923, at Yahnundasis Golf Club in New Hartford, N.Y. It was founded as an Association of Member Clubs represented by elected officers (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer), an Executive Committee and Member Club delegates. The founding was intended to foster closer and more intimate relations in and among the great body of golfers in New York State and to create an opportunity for an annual tournament which would have an official sanction as a (men's) state championship. The Garden City Golf Club volunteered to host the first tournament and 61 entries teed off on October 24, 1923, with the majority of golfers from the metropolitan area.

The NYSGA is an Association of Member Clubs, represented by over 130 Committee Members, that exists with the purpose of promoting and conserving the traditions of golf throughout New York State. Each year since its founding in 1923, the NYSGA has conducted The State Amateur Championships. The eleven current state championships, for all genders and ages, are played on the courses of NYSGA Member Clubs. Additionally, the NYSGA conducts various USGA sectional qualifiers and the annual Amateur Series consisting of over 35 handicapped tournaments between May and October. The NYSGA also provides club services such as The GHIN Handicap System, Course Rating & Measuring, Rules Education, and finally, the NYSGA Scholarship Program has aided hundreds of worthy students over the years to offset costs associated with higher education.

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