2019 NYSGA Amateur Series Schedule

Date Course Region time
May 7 Wanakah CC Buffalo 9:30am
May 9 Shenendoah GC Utica 12:30pm
May 22 Kaluhyat GC Utica 1:00pm
June 10 Elmira CC Elmira 1:00pm
June 11
En-Joie GC Binghamton 10:00am
 June 17 Brook-Lea CC Rochester 1:00pm
June 24 Albany CC Albany 8:00am
June 24 Albany CC Albany 2:00pm
July 1
Bellevue CC Syracuse 1:00pm
July 15 Orchard Park CC Buffalo 9:30am 
July 15 Pinehaven CC Albany 1:00pm
July 16 Ravenwood GC Rochester 12:30pm 
July 17 Wiltwyck GC Kingston 9:00am
July 29 Shaker Ridge CC Albany 1:00pm
July 29 Stafford CC
Rochester 12:00pm
August 2
Yahnundasis GC Utica 2:00pm
August 12
Colonie G&CC Albany 1:00pm
August 13 Seven Oaks GC Utica 1:00pm
August 26 Fox Valley Club Buffalo 1:00pm
Sept. 3 CC of Troy Albany 10:00am
Sept. 9 Irondequoit CC* Rochester 12:00pm
Sept. 16 Skaneateles CC Syracuse 12:00pm
Sept. 30
Schuyler Meadows Loudonville 11:30am

*Rescheduled Dates

Registration Opens in Three Waves:
February 21st (Wanakah - Albany)
May 14th (Bellevue - Yahnundasis)
June 28th (Colonie - Skaneateles)

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