Included with all NYSGA eClubs and member clubs enrolled in Online Join-Renew* is a one-year subscription to Golf Digest Magazine ($15 value) and GOLF Magazine ($15 value) as added values to our community of golfers. You will not be charged for either of these one year subscriptions and we will have the first issue mailed to you within a few months of signing up!

When the one year subscription runs out, you will not need to unsubscribe and you will not be automatically charged for the next year as Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine do not possess your payment information. Your subscription will only be renewed if you auto-renew your NYSGA membership, or if you decide to renew your membership, it will include another one year subscription.

If you already have a subscription to GOLF, a one-year subscription will be added as part of this member benefit.

If you do not want the magazine and wish to be refunded, please click here for offer and refund details.

*This offer is only for members who join an NYSGA eClub or member club enrolled in Online Join-Renew, members who belong to any other member club, or MGA eClub joint members are not eligible for this benefit.