NYSGA Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Saratoga Spring Water Company

April 03, 2018

JAMESVILLE, N.Y. -- The New York State Golf Association is proud to announce a new multi-year partnership with Saratoga Spring Water Company, distributing American-made premium water products out of Saratoga Springs, NY since 1872.

Saratoga Spring Water will become the “official water partner of the NYSGA” under the new agreement and their bottled water will be exclusively distributed by the association at all NYSGA events beginning in 2018 and going forward through 2023.

“We’re very excited for these two venerable New York-based organizations to align in a meaningful way and keep our membership properly hydrated during all NYSGA-conducted events,” said Dan Thompson, Director of Marketing & Partnerships for the NYSGA. “Saratoga Water is known for their premium spring water and iconic cobalt blue bottles, but what’s really impressive is their rich heritage, strong brand identity and commitment to distributing domestic premium water products for over a century and counting! We’re proud to align with such an iconic brand and work together to better serve our membership.”

Saratoga Spring Water will be distributed to players at all NYSGA competitions and events to ensure competitors stay hydrated throughout the 2018 event schedule. At championships, product will be available at various Saratoga Spring Water “hydration stations” located at the starting tees and other areas around the course. The NYSGA will also provide complimentary water bottles to players throughout the NYSGA Amateur Series schedule and at USGA qualifiers for participating players.

“We are delighted that Saratoga Spring Water has decided to partner with the NYSGA. It is important to us to partner with exceptional companies that have deep roots in our great state of New York. I am sure that our members will be thrilled with their products at NYSGA events,” said Bill Moore, Executive Director of the NYSGA.

Along with their domestic premium spring water, Saratoga Spring Water Company offers sparkling and flavored spring water products as well. The NYSGA will offer these alternative water products at NYSGA Meetings, Hall of Fame Dinners & Induction Ceremonies and other special events throughout each year.

“Saratoga Spring Water is thrilled to be the official water partner of the NYSGA.  For many years, both organizations have stood for the ideals of a healthy lifestyle.  Now we can join forces and promote the many health benefits of quality hydration and physical activity, “said Saratoga Spring Water President, AC Madkour.

Their products can be purchased directly through their website. For more information, please visit SaratogaSpringWater.com, and follow them on social media to stay connected!

About Saratoga Spring Water Company

Saratoga Spring Water Company has been a New York institution since 1872.  Recognized for its refreshing spring water in distinctive cobalt blue glass bottles, Saratoga still crafts each bottle with the quality and care that has been its trademark for almost 150 years.  Saratoga produces a number of spring water products including its signature Still and Sparkling Spring water as well as zero-calorie Saratoga Sparkling Fruit Essence flavored water.  Saratoga products can be found both nationally and internationally in hotels and restaurants, as well as many independent and chain food grocers throughout the country.