Class of 2015

Donald Ross

Deceased (1872-1948)

Donald Ross, born in Dornoch, Scotland, grew up playing golf at Royal Dornoch. In his early years, he took up "keeping of the green" and even served as an apprentice at St. Andrew's under four-time British Open Champion "Old" Tom Morris.

Ross immigrated to the United States in spring of 1899. He arrived in Boston, Massachusetts to build and run the Oakley Golf Club. After a year in Boston, Ross relocated to North Carolina to work with the Tufts family at Pinehurst, a decision that would forever change the landscape of his life.

While at Pinehurst, Ross designed and rebuilt four courses and took special care with the layout of Pinehurst No. 2. His work at Pinehurst lead to a lifelong practice of designing and building courses throughout New England, the Midwest, and down the Southeast coast. Ross did much of his design and renovation work at home in a cottage behind the third green of Pinehurst due to travel constraints. Ross designed or renovated 30 courses in New York State including arguably one of his greatest designs, Oak Hill Country Club.

The NYSGA has been fortunate to host state amateur championships at several Ross designed courses including Bellevue Country Club, Glens Fall Country Club, Mark Twain Golf Course, Oak Hill Country Club, Teugega Country Club and Thendara Golf Club. Ross designed courses are a favorite among NYSGA members.

Career Highlights
Designer/re-designer of 600 courses
Over 100 U.S. National Championships played on his designs 
Designed Pinehurst No.2 - 1903-1935
Officially Launched Career in Design - 1910
Designed Oak Hill Country Club (East & West) - 1923
Founding Member of American Society of Golf Course Architects - 1947
World Golf Hall of Fame Member - 1977