The Tuxedo Club is a distinctive social institution that, since 1886, has provided its members, their families and guests with recreation and refuge in the close environs of Metropolitan New York City. The Club’s unparalleled grounds, varied sporting venues and multiple clubhouse facilities offer year round enjoyment for all ages and make it one of the most unique private clubs in the world. Facilities include golf, five racquet sport venues, boathouse, fitness facility, swimming complex, ice skating rink and two architecturally renowned clubhouses, all of which provide the diverse membership with opportunities for social interaction.

Our professional staff strives to provide service without compromise. A governing board of members maintains this unique environment in a manner consistent with prudent financial stewardship and common interests. Members embrace a shared tradition of congeniality, high standards of personal conduct and continuity of family association. The celebrated traditions of sport, civility and a commitment to excellent facilities and services will always be the hallmarks of The Tuxedo Club. For more than 128 years The Tuxedo Club has dedicated itself to providing members with a warm, attentive, and refined club experience and that tradition is timeless