The Genesee Golf Club was formed in 1902 to foster a shared enjoyment of the game of golf. Club membership is open and we welcome new members. Click the the News tab for more club information and a membership form. The Contact Us tab has names, phone numbers and email addresses for Club board members. If you have further questions about our club please contact any of us.
Genesee Golf Club is associated with the USGA, NYSGA and the RDGA which allows our members to play in any sponsored tournaments in which they have qualified for. Membership also enrolls you in the GHIN (Golf Handicap Index Network) system. This will provide the individual with a sanctioned handicap that can be use at other clubs and for playing in competitive events.
The weekend game is usually between 7-9 am during the posting season and is comprised of two draws (an early and a late). Nine tournaments are scheduled beginning in early May and concluding in October. The Club offers a fair game and promotes good fellowship at a modest price while playing under the rules of golf.