There are four major components that make up the golf complex at Christman’s. At the top of the list has to be the Mountain Course. At 7,150 yards set on 200 acres. this course is the longest and largest course in the region.  Maintained to tournament conditions every day,  The mountain course offers spectacular scenery and rewarding golf shots on every hole.  A low handicappers delight from the blue or black tees there are white, red and gold and Yellow tees to choose from, all USGA rated.

Second;  The valley course has been open since 1965, with 5 par 4s, one par 5 and three par 3s, this course is wide open with lush green fairways and mountain valley views.  At 1.5 hours to play, families and walking players love the quick round.

Third;  The golf school practice facility is the largest facility of it’s kind in New York. With 6 dedicated practice greens and an approach course as well as 200′ of covered range, video class rooms and over 600′ of open range,  the school is integral with the Valley Course and it’s holes that can be used for real course, practice shots. This facility is home to Christman’s “Player Performance School”

Fourth;  Club fitting with the professional staff  here at  Christman’s,  Player Performance Center,  can have a tremendous impact on your game. Your golf swing can be negatively effected by poorly fitting clubs.  Incorrect club  length and club head lie angle are two very  common problems that people have and may not be aware of.  Eirik and Ryan Leach our resident golf instructors are both graduates of the world renown Ferris State golf professional school. Eirik and Ryan are both golf professionals and are Henry Griffiths certified golf club fitters. Within an hour these pros can give you a written form  that will show you the correct specifications for clubs that will help you make your best swing every time.  Eirik Leach our club builder and fitter can adjust many makes of clubs to provide our customers with better fitting clubs and better results on the course.